A passion to evolve

                         Huston, Jan Wayne; PhD

                         UNIVERSITY OF HAWAII, 2000


                         My dissertation creates a new sociopolitical paradigm. The paradigm is based on my <italic>Theory of
                         Evolving Systems</italic>, the symmetrical way all major evolving systems&mdash;astrophysical,
                         biological, psychoneurological, sociopolitical, and technological&mdash;emerge, self-organize, and
                         change. The dissertation is comprised of three parts. Part I develops the basic theory of evolving
                         systems as a diagnostic tool for analyzing an evolving system's stage of evolutionary change and its
                         options. Part II uses the features characterizing the emergence of prior major evolving systems and
                         applies them to biological systems to create a <italic>Basic Migratory Framework</italic>. This framework
                         is applied to business management systems to obtain a more <italic>Generic Migratory
                         Framework</italic> applicable to human social systems with free will. Part III applies the <italic>Migratory
                         Framework</italic> to the sociopolitical system to diagnose its evolutionary location, define its generic
                         migratory options describe how it can pursue a higher level system, and provide scenarios of the
                         consequences of not reaching such a higher-level system.


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